Shanghai PassionSource is forced to annouce that put Mr.Edan Mimran and his company Mayocol & uCollectIt Inc into our black list.
Shanghai PassionSource had cooperated with Edan Mimran in website design in 2008. Both PassionSource and Edan Mimran agreed to pay total $5000 US dollar for about 50 pages design work. At the beginning, Edan Mimran paid first $1500, but Edan Mimran refused to pay the rest of payment. Shanghai PassionSource had tried to contact Edan Mimran and try to find a good way to sovle this problem but failed. Mr.Edan Mimran refuse to answer the phone call and reply our emails. So we are forced to annouce that Edan Mimran and his company is in our blacklist now. From year 2005 - 2008, Edan Mimran is the first blacklisted person of our hundreds of clients.

We announce it because -
1. Edan Mimran is a tricker and cheater.
2. We hope other person or company can find this blacklist from Internet Search, so this kind of things won't happen again to you.

Details please see below emails:

2008-11-06 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello Edan,

Today I met Scott on Skype, Scott send me to me, so I can write email to you. I have written emails to your previous email address but no response.
How about mayocol exisiting pages devlopment now? Can you please tell me when we can continue to design left pages?
I ask this because now more than two months passed, I hope we can complete mayocol website soon. If your developers need more time to impement exsiting pages please let me know how long it will take. Otherwise I just feel worried.
If there are something happened and need to stop our design process, then please inform me the stop reason and tell me how to handle the rest of our payment - You and I had agreed to pay total $5000 for about 50 pages design work. You had paid first 30% of total ($1500), the left 70%($3500) are not paid yet and our designer had worked out about 45 pages design.

Last time I sent you a email but I didn't get your replied email yet. Maybe there are some problems in your email server or my email server. Now I use Gmail account to send you this email. If you can receive this email please reply me through .

Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you very much.

Beyond Tang


2008-11-07 ----------------------------------------------------------

Hi Beyond....

i was too busy with the site and some personal issues that i had lately.
so i apologize for any delay.

in regards to the site,
the design that we got from you did us a lot of problems in trying to implement it to the real data. this cause us to find other ways to design the site.
our deal was as you mentioned. but from all the pages that you sent to us, we were able to implement only few of them.

so basically we decide to leave it as it is and find another company that will be able to generate the design and implement it directly to the site.

as of now, i don't thing we will be able to move forward in the site with your services.

with best regards,

Edan Mimran.

2008-11-07 -----------------------------------------------------------

Hi Edan,

Thanks for your reply.
Ok finally I got your answers about the design process, that's good thing - I have tried many time to contact you through Skype or Email or Phone but no response.

But now the bad things are -
1.You said "the design that we got from you did us a lot of problems in trying to implement it to the real data......but from all the pages that you sent to us, we were able to implement only few of them." I am sorry I can not agree it with you. Our designers supplied you full professional designs and html pages which were confirmed one by one by yourself. If the pages are not good, you or your developers can know it at the beginning, I and our designers had worked out about 45 pages, worked with you and your developers more than one month. The total 50 design pages almost completed. That is, we had successfully done what we should done, our professional designers did a good job.
Can you remember Eric? He introduced me to you for web designs. Our designers, the same designers, had designed uDrive application for Eric company, uDrive live url is We cooperate it with Eric and his developers very well. Our designers had worked a lot of other clients website successfully in many years.
Also when we designing your website pages, you had told me that your program developers can not implement website pages very well because pages are div/css pages. Actually the main implement problem was your php developers were not very familiar with div/css pages. At that time I had talked with you and your developers, if you need html/table pages instead of div/css pages, we can change pages to html/table pages. But my suggestion was not accepted. At that time, you had asked me whether our developers can take your developer's job, I said better not, because our php developers were not familiar with your website code & database.

2.Whatever you were busy or not, if you want to stop our design process you should inform me actively as soon as you can - it's not small things, do not let me waitting so long for about two months. Please be professional.One month ago you said that you asked your wife to pay us another 30% payment, but I didn't receive it. Then you told me your wife didn't know how to pay. Now you told me that you don't want to pay any more.

Generally, I feel very disppointed about your decision. Our designers and I have made great efforts to your project. I hope you can reconsider what we had done and think a good way to handle the rest of 70% payments.
Thank you.

Beyond Tang

After that, Edan refused to answer our emails & phone call. One time we called him, he said he was busy and will call us back, but we still didn't get any his phone call back. Then we call him again and again, no response any more.
We find his company address (26500 West Agoura Rd Ste 102-246 Calabasas, CA 91302) from US website as below :




2009-01-05 Updated: after we announced Mr.Edan Mimran and his company Mayocol & uCollectIt in our company blacklist, we find another victim of Edan Mimran.
The chat history is below screen shoot from SKYPE -

Maybe there are more victims, if you see this page and if you are in US please be careful about Edan Mimran and his company.